How remote shells works

When do you need them?

When the original housing of a key has worn out or possibly broke, you can solely order the remote control housing. Often you will see that:

  • pushbuttons can wear out due to excessive use, or possibly disappear altogether .
  • with flap keys, the folding mechanism aggravates.
  • the back of the key can break off, which can detain you from hanging the key to a chain.

In many cases youíll need to purchase a complete new remote control, which needless to say will cost a lot extra. In addition to the fact that when a remote control still works properly itís unnecessary.

How does it work?

The old remote needs to be opened to withdraw the printed circuit board carefully. Try to touch the print only on the sides.  When opening the old remote, place the new remote next to it. Sometimes youíll find that there are screws hidden behind the logo. Also watch the transponder. This is a small block or tube and most important when it comes to starting your vehicle. These transponders are often glued in the housing. Please be careful when removing this, if it breaks, your vehicle will not start! In some cases the housing will be glued shut as well. We then advise to send the complete remote control to us, so we can replace this for you. If there are any doubts whatsoever, we will be glad to help you.

When the print and transponder are successfully transferred, the final part is the key insert.  The key insert is normally easy to switch into the new remote control housing. You can also have a new key cut/ milled. We do advise to have the key newly made, as these inserts wear out. With a flap key, itís possible to open it half way. You will see a small locking pin. When you remove this, you can take the insert out of the folding mechanism. When placing the insert back in the unused housing, youíll have a key looking brand new again.

Be aware of the details

Often there are small differences in the housing:

  • number of pushbuttons (2/3/4 or even more)
  • the signs on the pushbuttons (lock/key/sliding door/rear door/etc.)
  • the profile of the key insert
  • the battery (attached or loose on the print)
  • the color of the housing
  • So be attentive to the details when you order a key and/ or housing, because otherwise it might not fit properly. 

When you have any questions at all, please donít hesitate to contact us.

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