Multifunctional keys explained

Multifunctional keys consist of 2 separate parts, a key insert and a key handle. With these parts you can create a complete key which you can provide with a transponder of choice.

We have various key handles, all shaped as original, however never equipped with logo. The key inserts are also available in various types/profiles. They are easy to locate, because all keys are registered with the Silca type number.

When you click both parts together, you will have a complete key. When the correct transponder is added, the key will be ready for use. We advise to put a bit of glue between the plastic parts of the handle. If the key might fall, then there wonít be a chance of loss of the transponder. The key inserts are of good material, a copper/ brass alloy. This is to prevent unnecessary abrasion on the mill.

You can also use the key without a transponder as a spare key for opening the car. This is a request often heard from customers who practice aquatic sports.

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Multikey news

LockFest 2021

The LockFest Show will take place in the Spa Hotel Thermal in Karlovy Vary. 

We will be exhibiting on booth numbers 41 and 42. Please visit us and hear about our new products and offers. Look forward to meeting you there!

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