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Multikey is a company specialized in selling everything to do with car keys. One of the things we can offer is the multifunctional key. This is an inexpensive key, which can easily be provided with the transponder of your choice. Furthermore we have a large selection of remote control housing, push buttons, protecting covers, etc.

Our main purpose is finding new models and keeping stock of all articles, so placing small orders won’t be a problem. The quality of our articles will also be thoroughly tested, something we see as a must in this business.

    A lot of key specialists get their articles from China, with the following results:
  • High expectations which can’t be met
  • High costs when (for example) a mill breaks
  • High delivery costs
  • Possibility of a longer delivery period
  • No return option
  • No service desk/ customer service
  • Unsystematic presentation

All in all quite some reasons to choose Multikey. We try to keep moving constantly and to keep the range of articles as wide as possible. When you can’t seem to find a fitting solution for your problem on our website, please let us know. Send us an e-mail with a picture of the desired article and we will do our best to find an appropriate solution.

In all occasions we are attainable by telephone in the languages Dutch, German, English and Spanish.

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Multifunctional keys

Multifunctional keys consist of 2 separate parts, a key insert and a key handle. With these parts you can create a complete key which you can provide with a transponder of choice.

We have various key handles, all shaped as original, however never equipped with logo. The k...

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RV Locks

  • We have added 5 different models of RV Locks to our product range.
  • Check out models CP016309 to CP016313!